Khao San after the Funeral

Banglampoo. Just the blink of an eye and the curtain opens again for the usual play in Thanon Khao San and Soi Rambuttri. What a stark contrast to the all-pervading and all-silencing funeral two weeks ago!

The flood of foreigners is back with their GoPros, selfie sticks, short shorts, “Inner Tubing Vang Vieng”-shirts and slight disorientation in their eyes. Where did they crash during the week of the royal festivities, one wonders.

And the skinny beer girls are back. And the insect snack dealers (photo 10 baht!). And the frog ladies with the pretentious hill tribe hats. And the “Thai massaaaaaage”. Of course. And the “ping pong” (add two lip plops here). Life music everywhere! So nice! The massage promoter jams with the cardboard sign in his hands. We play some air guitar together.

Club music in between, each bar on full volume. (And of course new bars here and there.) “Want Pad Thai?” Or maybe a driving license? Or is tonight the night for your third tattoo? Have a suit instead, sir?

Ah Bangkok! This is so Thailand. And not at all. How did I miss it! Has been some time, my Love. Don’t know any other city that entertains me so well and gives me so many smiles with all her rich contrasts. Mhmmm.
“Come to our stand-up comedy show tonight”, touts an American promoter at the far end of Khao San. Huh, that’s new. “Come, it will change your life!” he promises and makes me giggle. “No, thanks”, I reply. “My life has changed a bit too often lately. I need a break. ” ?

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