Indian Wedding Plus

Eleven days in incredible India. I’ve seen incredible beauty (my favourite picture of the bride: Chris Tine. Ah! ?). And there was splendour and totally exaggerated décor of course.

And Love actually! Deep, deep – couples, parents, friends, people, random. Yummy.

And pure heart-felt friendliness like the unknown neighbour offering me support and a ride, when I had this long-lasting intimate date with my toilet bowl instead of wearing a sari dancing on the main wedding party.
Or my taxi driver well-known for the most erratic monkey mind of all, who ended up being the one who held my hand very patiently when we eventually drove to the doctor’s clinic.

Eleven days only, but some very sweet connections with old friends and new friends. And in between some nature walks and Satsang and a very special dance event of another kind with master Pio who shares his version of the inner dancer so fabulously. So much love and beautiful creation!

Thank you, Mama India. This trip has clearly been more on the insane side of things. Guess, I need to come back some other day. First putting all the pieces back together again with Mama Bali. ?

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